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1. Chazz

Chazz's Short Bio

CHAZZ’s performance teaching reflects forty years
of achievements in African music & dance, Latin percussion,
martial arts, stand-up comedy and acting.  He combines keen
empathetic listening with awesome technical showmanship.

CHAZZ performs didgeridoo drum-calls & libations, accompanies
spoken word artists, directs workshops and produces multi-cultural
ensembles with singers, special dancers and stilt-walkers.

His mastery of exotic stick, hand and wind instruments includes the
didgeridoo, djembe, congos, cajongos, cajon, bongos, kalimba, udo,
timbales, whistles, flutes, temple blocks, singing bowls and harmonica.

He also mentors young, disadvantaged, senior and special-needs
students in libraries, alternative schools, missions, churches, juvenile
halls, probation departments and senior citizen centers - where
he directs dynamic, interactive Jungle Drum-Circles (c).

CHAZZ is a DreamShaper, Skirball Docent Instructor, VIP Mentor,
Certified Music Curriculum Integrator of VAPA Standards and an
honored graduate of Boston University and UCLA Law School.

2. Ina & Chazz

Ina's Short Bio

INA BUCKNER-BARNETTE, “The Sunshine Storyteller,”
weaves movement, songs, poetry and international tales
to create her humorous brand of sunshine stories. Each of her
inspirational shows is also available as interactive story making
workshops. Past venues for this Emmy award-winning actress,
storyteller and TV producer include a myriad of libraries,
schools, museums, community festivals and
storytelling gatherings across the country.

INA currently teaches adults English part-time for LAUSD.
She is a certified LAUSD instructor and a certified teaching artist
through the LA County Arts Commission. This Midwest native
graduated with honors from Emerson College where she studied
acting and TV production. She shares interactive stories that
ignite your imagination, tickle your funny bone
and make you Shine Like The Sun!

3. Teresa & Chazz

Teresa's Short Bio

TERESA SMITH dazzles you with her brilliant smile, warm
personality and child's  enthusiasm. Much more than a dancer,
Teresa is big fun! Whatever the dance style, she performs it
beautifully - from the grace of French ballet to the sweat of African
pulsating. Teresa uses her gifted polycentric body to exude the
"segmented insidemovement" traits of complex African dance and
also the "movements through her whole body space," that is important
in European choreographies. To honor her ancestry, she mastered
these intricate techniques under famous instructors from Senegal,
Guinea, Cameroon and the Congo. As a dance choreographer,
performer and aficionado, Teresa shows that African dance is
among the most stylized and complex art forms in the world.

Teresa has performed in a myriad of dance companies including
Harambee African Dance, Nuba Dance Theater, Maureen Haley
Dancers, Fogo Na Roupa, Kouman Kele West African, Kanbassa,
Abalayal, Drum Spirit, Ambianz Muzic Experienz and Niancho
Nialay. She annually performs at the Los Angeles African
Marketplace and the Long Beach Ocean of the Pacific.  She also
performs with Mareme Faye, Nzingha Camara, Marietou Camara,
Youssouf Koumbasa, Assane Konte, Mabiba Baegne, Aziz Faye,
N'Deye Gueye, Titus Fotso and Mouminatou Camara. Teresa
performed traditional Guinea style West African dance in
multi-platinum Senegalese recording artist Akon's music video
"Pot of Gold" alongside Le Ballet de Kouman Kele. She also toured
with Sheila E. in her "Percussion Showdown Tour" and exhibited
funky dance steps behind MC Hammer in his video, 
"Here Comes the Hammer."

Teresa studied Brazilian Samba with Carlos Aceituno and
modern dance with Evelen Thomas, Reggie Savage, Alonzo King,
Lynn Coles and Lady Walquer Vereen.  This began her love of
contemporary West African Dance. She also studied Dunham and
Graham modern dance techniques at the Alvin Ailey Dance School
in New York. The multi-faceted career of this Los Angeles based
dancer began when she was three, in her hometown, Oakland,
California, where she immersed herself in Modern Jazz. Dance
icons including Katherine Dunham, Kemoko Sano, Alvin Ailey,
Assane Konte and Josephine Baker inspired her. She has graced
the front pages of the Topanga Canyon and Los Angeles
Magazines, and is the cover story of the February 2004
issue of the acclaimed Dance Teacher Magazine.

4. Elizabeth & Chazz

Elizabeth's Short Bio

After earning an MFA from UCLA in set and costume design,
Elizabeth worked as a professional theatre designer for over ten years.
She has also worked as a graphic designer/illustrator. She has received
awards for her design work in both fields, including an Emmy for her
original children's video,  The Mousecracker, an all-mouse puppet
version of Tchaikovsy's The Nutcracker. Elizabeth now works almost
exclusively in puppetry. Puppets havealways been a part of her life
 and she still has the first rod-puppet that she built at five years old.

All Music Written & Performed By CHAZZ Ross
Jungle Drum-Circle (c) * Martial Drum-Beats (c) * Clarence CHAZZ Ross & The Rhythmics Institute 2014 (c)