Thomas White

An Echo

nothing like the pain
a pain that comforts
a pain that brings forth new life

nothing like the scream of a warrior advancing
the fierce determination to make right what is wrong in the world
a scream in search of itself
a scream which is but a feint echo of what is real
what is far away
what is close

the drill
the drill is a dance seeking the perfect music
it is movement perfecting the dance
it is Her shadow and His pleasure
it is a bridge across the creeks and rivers
that separate the ordinary from the extraordinary

There is noting like the pain
nothing like the intoxication of mad men
who discover they are brothers
and end the war

Nothing like the warrior's shout
when a child is born
the woman is safe from harm
or her man returns home from
absence of tender moments together

energy spun by the magic of dancers dancing
listen to the wind blow through caverns
of deep contemplation
find spring before it becomes summer
stand in between
find the ocean before it touches the shore
sand in between

find the calm before it becomes a storm
and stand in between
find truth before it becomes fiction
and strike at the heart
of things
the warrior becomes a sage

and the pain
it is still there
it is a reminder
of the need for tenderness
and compassion
it is our longing to be free

(c) 2011

Eileen Carole

Sankofa  Sounds

Central Avenue Style
CHAZZ on stage
Calling to the ancients
With sounds, echoes, voices of history
Sankofa sounds of soul
Rooted in the tradition of where we have been, who we are
Griot wisdoms, utterances all can hear
And only some can understand
Tribal chants
Traditional rhythms in tongues
Lead me to the river and let me drink of knowledge
Let me commune in your song
Trible me
Shakere gourds, shaken whispers
Ancestrally connected
Wails to heaven, I am free
Proud people persevering, finding salvation in the music
A spiritual, a song of blues,
A scat overcome with so much feeling, there are no words
Still waters running deep
I come to the river and know the meaning, I know me
Kalimba tones pluck away
Calling to my heart, ringing tones of peace
I can hear CHAZZ and I am drawn to his stage
Worshiper at his feet
His griot sounds in my psyche

(c) 2004

Sharon Smith-Knight

He Speaks Rhythms

He speaks rhythms,
Channels the ancestors secrets
With his drums
Syncopates ancient thoughts with modem schemes
He captures every poet's dream: to make his or her poems
live and breathe
And most poets believe that performing with CHAZZ
enhances their chances of being good, because CHAZZ plays
percussion the way he should
He listens to the poet's verses, and he rehearses
To make sure he has the right beat or sound
And that's why poets from all around
The poetry community
Respect his talent and diversity
And claim him exclusively
Poetry is his priority
He speaks rhythms,
Channels the ancestor's secrets
With his drums

(c) 2003

Larry Jaffe

Drummer's Soul

his hands were masterpieces
of soul's desire
they crisscrossed through the mayhem
traveling from one thought to another
they created staccato livings
for those driven towards hell
they created serenity for those heaven bent

they were the hands of the drummer
worn without hypocrisy
just the simple beats that
he used to earn his living
his bride of joy
his pride of joy
tapping out the future of a generation

drums buttress the soul
in a fusillade of beats
not mechanically driven
but arranged from the heart
drums cry out for destiny
not history

his drummer's hands
callused with beat
his drummer's heart
pumping rhythm through the veins
of the universe
his drummer's soul
bringing mankind together

(c) 1998

Janice Moulding Collins (c) 04/21/09

Janice Moulding Collins (c) 04/06/12

Anthony Han (c) 2011

Unbecoming Fables

I stole to bestow
A little warmth in my possession
An ounce of depth to my character
At least somewhat of an description
To those who will never ask
For those who have already passed

That which I could never reach
Were results from personal distaste
Lack of hindsight to such rebellious insights
Eccentric lies to establish better ties
Dripping from the tears of others
Take it granted that they'll be someone here
When I cease into the waves
Leaves me glad to have been had
Believing that this was the right way

Packing bowls to unravel this soul
Fairies glowing across the flow
Streaming around these lonely streets
Wind up by resentments
Saved by kindness
Of those who had not all
But a midnight spilled of fears
For those who had it all
Yet fighting to share some spills
Forgive and let go
Neither was to be blamed

As life is a merciless god
We of all of it only pieces
Will always be a part of the creases
Cells inside of a organ
Operating to keep on
Never ending conundrums
Beating my heart drums
Sleeping from shoulder to shoulder
Letting to bolster another
Each line connected to a difference
Shard of someone's affluence
Linked grace flowing full of influence

It proceeds conceptually
Climbing over the thoughts
Sounds soar out of the ground
Soil embezzled brown upon my shoes
Suddenly found hope from the back of the soles
Leaping pass the day not seen today
Don't care for it anyway
For this experience is my full focus
From the soaring to the landing
Mesmerizing any who look
Faces of vicious kings and queens
Would even gasp at such revolting
If that they may be an thorn upon history
Than what am I to this present mystery

A fresh developing rust
Carbon form ready to burst
Flames will one day meet my fossil
Igniting an existence from this vessel
A diamond covered in crimson gleam
The process of evolving into a gem
Beads red and crumbling from the once living
Spilling forth into the open air of the still walking
I beseech you to greet you
My spirit a merit to a few
Although secret to none

For one slow day gone
Others will find of me
Afferent of acuity
Different of beauty
Separate of cruelty
Impulses shocking epiphanies
Gazes turning companies
Actions becoming treaties
To present a full circle

Nonetheless inhabitants
Replacing the stars
Our constellations upon new eyes
Reconciliation for the galaxies
Born into this plane of confinement
Spiritually commenced out of it's imprisonment
Forgotten along the metamorphosis
Legends never told to the youthfulness
Fold us as our destiny is fulfilled
Rest on until then survived
Dragons do exist here
Celestial forces determine

That slightest I could ever imagine
Compared to the daily life
When I used to use a lighter
Just to keep warmer
Times got rougher
But days got better
As long as I kept closer
To that glimpse of promise
The life traveled will always be compromise
Mine to reap at the end of the journey
Will there be blessings into the next tourney

Unknown dimensions as I discover
Returning to what we were when older
Insane if you would
Unbecoming fables to be told 

          One Sail 12/21/2011
All Music Written & Performed By CHAZZ Ross
Jungle Drum-Circle (c) * Martial Drum-Beats (c) * Clarence CHAZZ Ross & The Rhythmics Institute 2014 (c)